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The edit • Spring clearing is a thing!

Ever been in a closet that felt like stuck energy?  Stuck energy means too much clutter.  You know, one that you step into and it feels claustrophobic, crowded and cluttered.  I have been in a few and it doesn’t feel good.

image of a messy closet featuring hundreds of hangers all displayed unorganized with mismatched shirts and dresses, and unorganized storage containers along the top

Instead, imagine stepping into a closet space that feels organized, where everything in it has a home. One where each item has a purpose and a function or makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it.  This my friend is what I call an edited closet. This is what jade. achieves when creating dream closet spaces for its clients.


The edit is a 2-prong lifestyle shift.  You need to clear what you have and you need to have a good system for maintaining it as you acquire new items.


The jade. litmus test for clearing the closet • keep or purge?

The goal is always to only keep in your closet the pieces that serve you.

Ask yourself:


Does it fit well?


Is it damaged or tattered?


Is it outdated?

Your answers must be 1. Yes, 2. No & 3. No in order for it to be a keeper.


The jade. litmus test for investing in something new • should I buy it?

When you are buying something new, ask yourself, “Does this make me feel like a million bucks when I wear it?  Do I love it?  If yes, invest in it, if no pass.


When you create an edited closet space where everything works, you will see just how liberating it is to step into it everyday.

Happy clearing,

ox christine