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Christine Vartanian sitting in her kitchen wearing a black and gold bathrobe, having her makeup applied by a woman in a black shirt on the right

Makeup: That natural glow!

I’m super efficient when it comes to make up!  Some coverup, mascara and lipstick and I’m out the door. That’s how I like it.  I vie for the natural look.  The one that looks like you are not made up at all.  I have never been one to put on a lot of make-up. I don’t like how long it takes me to do it.  It’s too many steps and requires a bit of an artistic flare to look right.  I remember going to make up counters at the mall and leaving feeling like I look like a whole other person after being made up – not in a good way.

The truth is a good make-up artist should really just enhance your best features.  You should never feel like the make-up doesn’t make you feel like yourself. 

It’s actually very much like styling clothes. You have to feel like you when you look in the mirror, only with all your best features enhanced.

Many of us love to have that natural look. One might think that a natural look should be the simplest thing for a make-up artist to achieve. I have found that creating the natural look actually requires more skill than one would think. The artist needs to know where to contour just right, what colors to use, how to properly color match your skin to achieve that natural look and this is where the skill of the artist comes through. So, choose your MUA wisely.

The jade. Litmus test for picking a make-up artist


Pick an artist you have good chemistry with. It’s always about the relationship.


Pick an artist that understands the science behind the skin.


Pick an artist that articulates back to you what the look is that she thinks you are going for.


Pick an artist that isn’t hesitant to show you progress along the way to make sure you are getting the look you are envisioning.

Maggie Cathey is a make-up artist who I love to work with for all the reasons listed above, but mostly because she gets how to achieve a natural look.  She is also a licensed esthetician. She even offers coaching to teach you how to achieve a professionally done look.  You can find her @magscathey

Another one of my favorite make-up artists is Emily Barton of @designedelegance who specializes in airbrush make-up with a specialty in brides.  She is passionate about  using all natural nontoxic make up products.

Last but not least is Jen Mau of @beautycravebyjennmau who is an outstanding artist with a very calming energy. 

Remember, make-up like your clothes should enhance your best features and you should always feel like you when you’re wearing them.